8 tips on how to professionally photograph your home in order to sell it

Well guys, this is a hard one for me. A perfectly cleared out vacant home is supposed to photograph the best, right? How hard is that for a mortal? I can tell you from personal experience, really HARD! I do love my clutter( at least that's what my husband calls it-I call it my treasures!). I love beautiful furniture and beautiful bric-a-brac. I love pictures of my kids and grand kids and family. BUT, I KNOW you have to par this all down, so a potential buyer can see th

9-step guide to financing your dream home

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to purchase a house with cash. Most of us have to have some financial help from our friendly bankers and/or mortgage lenders. There are a bunch of companies out there that are more than willing to sit down with you and go over your finances. You need to get a clear idea of what you are spending right now. Total all your expenses like rent, utilities, insurance,car payments, gas, child care, gymnastics, pilates, lunches, evening